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The Angels of Avalon just beat the Welsh Dragons 56 to 48 and all my teams have now played three games.

My mind turns to the question: Who are the best players at their position?

I have different criteria for different positions. For example, offensive / defensive linemen must be able to push 30 grams at least 3 yards; wide receivers and tight ends must be able to slide away from defenders in less than 2 seconds; and tailbacks must run the Power Sweep consistently.

The Power Sweep, or if you will, the Packer Sweep, or Lombardi Sweep is legendary "...in the 1960s, when the team won five National Football League (NFL) Championships, as well as the first two Super Bowls. Lombardi used the play as the foundation on which the rest of the team's offensive game plan was built. The dominance of the play, as well as the sustained success of Lombardi's teams in the 1960s, solidified the Packers sweep's reputation as one of the most famous football plays in history."

In previous posts I've described the gaudy success of halfback #15 running the Power Sweep. When #15 is 'in the groove' I doubt any of my little plastic peeps runs it better.



Consistency is the problem for #15 and that's the reason his Draft Stock is tumbling. He started the game against the Angels of Avalon with a 21-yard touchdown run and on the next series a 31-yard touchdown run. Welsh Dragon's picked up #15 from the practice squad and #15 looked like the tailback who rushed for 322 yards and 5 touchdowns when he played for the Metallians. However, the next time #15 ran the power sweep the Angels of Avalon hit him for a seven-yard loss. Then again for a ten-yard loss in the 4th Quarter.

Angels of Avalon tailback #37 doesn't have the gaudy numbers that #15 has accumulated, but the Angels of Avalon are undefeated and the #1 ranked team in the playoffs. In the game against the Welsh Dragons HB #37 had 79 yards on 5 carries and 1 touchdown. Against the Baja Blast, #37 had 13 carries for 156 yards and 3 touchdowns. In the very first game of the season #37 tore up the Javelins for 97 yards on 6 carries and 1 touchdown. That's definitely enough to put #37 in the top third of the First Round of the Draft. If the Angels of Avalon win the Draft Tournament he could be the #1 draft choice.

Enjoy the Journey    T43.    🏈♾️


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