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What's your rule about ball carriers falling over?  

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  1. 1. What's your rule about ball carriers falling over?

    • As long as the ball carrier isn't down by contact — stand the ball carrier up and let him run.
    • The ball carrier is down.

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When a ball carrier falls over there are two things a coach can do. 1. Call the play dead, or, 2. Stand up the ball carrier and let him keep running.

Here's an example from my last game between the Pink Panthers and the Meteor. Meteor #5 is the ball carrier.


In my mind I know the tip-over is caused by vibrations coming together to increase the amplitude. However, it's just as easy to pretend the little plastic peep stubbed his toe and fell down.

What's your rule?


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I didn't see any evidence that Meteor #5 was touched by a Pink Panther before he started to teeter like Artie Johnson on Laugh-In so I stood #5 up, pointed him at the goal line and let him run.



Enjoy the Journey.  T43.  🏈♾️

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Similar to Coach Bob Davis, my solitaire league would call it an injury time out. The clock would stop until the next play. I don't have extra players but if I did, he would be switched out with another teammate for at least 1 play.

Supposedly, a roll of a dice or flip of a coin could determine the length of time the player would need to "heal" such as 1 play, 1 game, or heaven forbid, 1 season? I too love Arte Johnson. Very interesting thought Coach Terry43 and Coach Daryl but definitely not stupid. 🙂 

So Coach Greg F, how do you determine who recovers the fumble? 🙂 Blessings, Curt

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If the player gets knocked over due to contact with another player it is a fumble.  I drop a ball, about an inch over the player, off the center of his body.  All unengaged players may be turned toward where the ball lands.  The first player to touch the ball recovers.  The player who fumbled is still down, but may recover if he is able to cover the ball or able to make contact with it first.   If two opposing players touch it at the same time.  I allow them to fight for the ball until there is a clear recovery.

If the player just falls over on his own, he is down at the front of his base, but I consider it a fumble if an opposing player is within two base lengths of the fallen player.

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I play NFL rules in my solitaire league, so he can get up, but I run the board for 2 seconds to see if an opposing player touches him.  If they do he is down.  I have other methods for injuries and fumbles, so I don't rule it a fumble or injury.  Forward part of the ball under his arm is where he is downed if touched.

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