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A Letter to Miggle Toys


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Found this "Letter to Miggle Toys" originally published in the Fall 1999 issue of Plugged In!. Thought you might enjoy. 

Dear Mr. Landman,

 About two years ago, my wife got me an Electric Football Game for Christmas. Over the next two weeks, I enjoyed playing the game with visiting friends and tinkering with it myself. Unfortunately, the game went into the box and under the bed – “interference called on account of life, family and work.

A week ago, I had the rare day to kick back and relax. Due to preseason football and college football on TV, I pulled out the game from under the bed and had a blast! Everything was there except the rules and the order form. They must have been thrown out with the rest of the Christmas trash two years earlier, because I gave the house the FBI treatment to no avail. On the box was the address for Miggle Toys, so through Information, I got the number and called. With the help of a pleasant lady at Miggle, I was told I could expect an order form in the mail. Imagine that! Real help from a real human being! the second surprise came when I received not just an order form, but also a copy of Plugged In!

Well, I got excited. Real excited! The newsletter featured real guys like me who grew up with Electric Football (I still own the Super Bowl III game and no, it’s not for sale). There was product information and tips on how to play (Thank you, Steve Graham. I can now pass!)

I am using the game to teach my eight-year-old Pokeman fanatic the finer points of Electric Football; things like why safeties don’t play 80 yards deep and why we stop the buzz when the player turns around in the opposite direction. The nostalgia is thick. I mean, who of us didn’t use to line the teams up to play a weird game of 20th century jousting?

Why did it take me two years to catch up with this great hobby? I don’t know, except I believe all things happen in due time. There’s a form of expression visible in the teams one chooses to play, as well the offensive and defensive schemes used. Its also a way to pass along something to my son that is as fun and valid as any video or computer game available.

Thanks to Miggle and their efforts in keeping this hobby alive and well.


Daryl Collins, Tuscaloosa, AL

 -Watts Current - Plugged In!, Fall 1999         

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Holy mackerel! That’s me! I had forgotten all about it and have that copy of Plugged In at the old house somewhere. That 8 year old is 31 now. My wife at the time passed away six years after that letter was published. I am now married to a wonderful woman and we have a wonderful blended family. Everyone hits the lottery in some way and family has been my Pick Six. Electric football is what I would consider my #1 hobby, and has been since that letter was written. Now excuse me while I go find a Kleenex. I’ve got something in my eye.

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Yeah, figured that was you. In reviewing these old issues of Plugged In!, I am always coming across familiar names. They are a very valuable resource for many of the things I do here with the museum. 

In that same issue, here I am sitting across from Jerry McGhee at a Bama Blast tournament playing a game on his custom-built Big Board.


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