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1970 after the merger tournament


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another classic game is in the books...the raiders win their 3rd super bowl by beating the 49ers 17 to 16.....marv hubbard scored the first and last td for the raiders and ken willard and vic washington had tds for the 49ers. Early in the 4th qt with the raiders leading 10 to 3...the 49ers willard broke a nice off tackle run from 8 yds out that looked like would tie the game but the 49ers missed the PAT and trailed 10 to 9.....after an unsuccessful onside kick the raiders just needed to run out the clock but hubbard broke one off for a 52 yd td....vic washington scored for the 49ers on the last play of the game but they were still one point short.....outstanding players from yesterday include : 44 Hubbard...25 fred biletnikoff ...35 hewert dixon...83 ben davidson...21 cliff branch...3 daryl lamonica...63 gene upshaw...70 henry Lawrence...78 art shell...41 phil vilapiano...and 00 jim otto.....outstanding 49ers from the past include : 75 forrest blue...70 Charlie kruger...18 gene washington...22 vic washington...69 woody peoples...42 doug cunningham....40 ken willard and 12 john brodie.....ill probably take a break for a couple weeks and play a tournament with my tudor original 1967 bigmen teams....ill probably play a 12 team tourney that will just take 11 games from start to finish.









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I have beem collecting 1967 bigmen teams again and want to play a tournament using them...i have collected the entire 9 team AFL ORIGINALS...plus i painted a set of custom w bengals to use too....i have 3 of the old NFL ORIGINAL bigmen teams....so i searched the online brackets for a 13 team bracket....it calls for 3 first round byes so i decided to let the 3 old NFL teams be the bye teams..it will take 12 games to play the entire tournament and the 2 teams that meet in the championship will play either 3 or 4 games..ill probably start this one around thanksgiving .


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On 8/26/2021 at 5:07 AM, Capanther said:

.i still remember sitting in the little tv room when i was probably 11 or 12 years old  watching the breaking news on cbs of tom dempsey kicking the 63 yd field goal to beat the lions...

Just watched the Tom Dempsey FG never heard of him as I am only 27 and British, noticed something was rather peculiar about his kicking boot so did a google and to learn he had no toes on his foot and kicked that absolute monster field goal, seeing that has made my day! Incredible sporting moment!😄:football:

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Yes....at that time that was really big time news....we didnt have the espn and all the talking sports shows back then.... but even people who didnt follow sports probably couldnt go through their day without someone mentioning tom dempsey....when i was young we had about 4 channels on tv....abc...nbc.. cbs...and pbs....nbc covered the AFL that became AFC after the merger....cbs covered the NFC ....ABC was the talk of the town when it started producing monday night football....i watched the first monday night football game ever in 1970 when the browns played the jets in cleveland....

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