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  1. Love Ya Blue and Creamsicle Bucs would be ideal for me. Would not mind seeing USFL, XFL and AAF on the "Pro" side of things. I hope these are popular enough and user-friendly enough to see more and more teams added.
  2. I realized recently, watching some Beenut games on Y.T., that my games might be considered marathons. I do tend to play one or two drives at a time more often than not and I do the nerd thing of tracking each play. Rarely do I seem to have time to play a whole half, but again my guess is my game lengths need to shrink. So how many plays per half do you run in your solitaire games / leagues? Do you include Kick offs and extra point kicks as plays? Or do you use a clock?
  3. LOL, I do that same thing... a lot. back the O.P., you can use a dial base and get the turn you want (Or do not want) or as you tweak the base for the player(s) you want to be a looper, if one side on the prongs is longer than the other they will naturally turn. This does not apply to the invisibase strong bases and I have not used the fast ones enough to help on those. Good luck and have fun.
  4. Just wondering if there is any thought of using the Toepro scaled fields with NFL logos from Tudor? Or offering more than one verision of the Toepro scaled field, like a worn field version? Whether as a ultimate board or cover? I have a great feeling I am not alone in this desire. So if others here are wanting to see ultimate boards and covers properly scaled ala Toepro, let's hear from you and thus let our game manufactuer know they have a market for it.
  5. I am about 10 years behind you. Good luck this post season.
  6. As a Bears fan, I have to disagree with the Packers field cover making your board look better. 😉 But it is your board and I am glad you like it.
  7. Right, all are 2x4 but the toepro field cover looks like the sideline areas are wider, so the playing field is narrower. It might just be an optical illusion to me.
  8. This might be a dumb question but it the playing field size different on the Ultimate Toepro fields vs the other Ultimate fields? If so, does anyone know the Dimensions of both? Also, keep showing those boards guys.
  9. Doug, It was the button itself, inside. Seem to have gotten out of line somehow and not engaging the out button. I might order one as a spare. Steve
  10. Thanks Doug, I will troubleshoot the controller. I too think it might be a wiring issue. I will report back soon. Steve
  11. I am hoping others had ran into this and there is an easy fix. Sometimes it just does not want to work. I have changed and tested the batteries. It was a random thing but today it really is not wanting to work. I do not want to open it up it there is no hope. My board was purchased in January and I have only played a few games (Less than a dozen) and tweaked bases. any ideas?
  12. I am learning a lot from this guide. Thank you. Still a long way to go for me but I will get there. One question, what is boiling a base all about?
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