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  1. Thank you. It was an awesome season. next season will begin in August.
  2. In the TVEFL we set up in the middle if the field. We started playing on smaller fields and so it was simply a matter of room. Last season we played on an Ultimate Field so we have the room now. We just did not think to change. I will propose that for next year.
  3. TVEFL Season VI Final Standings *clinched playoff spot •clinched Division title National Division Warhawks 5 - 2• Oilers. 4 - 3* Bears 3 - 4 Seahawks 0 - 7 American Division Broncos. 7 - 0• (Blaine) Vikings. 3 - 4* Packers. 3 - 4 Browns. 3 - 4 Playoffs Broncosvs. Vikings 20- 13 Warhawks vs. Oilers. 34 - 21 Treasure Bowl VI Broncosvs. Warhawks 26- 21
  4. Here is the interception by the Broncos that ended the Warhawks first drive. A4A1FFAB-97BC-4DBE-9C4B-EA71C4FE17A4.mov 78D6F2FF-81D3-4B94-85F5-58433417C902.mov
  5. Last week the Undefeated Denver Broncos met the defending Champion Nampa Warhawks in Treasure Bowl VI. The Broncos were seeking to achieve the first perfect season in the TVEFL, while the Nampa Warhawks were hoping to be the first team to win back to back league championships. First Half: In the opening drive the Warhawks offense moved steadily downfield reaching the Bronco 24 yard line. The Broncos stopped the drive with an interception in the endzone. The Broncos offense picked up two first downs but then a sack and a tackle for loss put them at 4th and 22. This was likely the play of the game, the Broncos RB swung out of the backfield then slipped and fell. Standing the RB up meant adding the orange stick to the white stick for placing the ball marker. But with all other receivers covered Coach Blaine decided to risk it. His RB came thru with the catch and the Broncos scored soon after, taking the lead 6 - 0. The Warhawks answered with a 67 yard Touchdown pass and made the PAT to put the score at 7 - 6. Trouble started on the Broncos next drive as the Warhawks looper intercepted a pass. The Warhawks RB then scored on a sweep to the left. Score 14 - 6. The Broncos were stopped on their next drive and that ended the first half. Second Half: the Broncos got moving and scored. Going for two they successfully ran it in to tie the score at 14. The Warhawks quickly moved the ball down to the Bronco 2 yd line but then found themselves at fourth and goal from the two. It was Gut check time for both teams as the Warhawks went for it. The Warhawk FB followed his Right Tackle into the endzone to regain the lead. Score 21-14. The Broncos on a good Kick return and a long Blue Stick catch found themselves at the Warhawk’s two yard line. They plunged over the goal line bringing the score to 21 - 20 as their two point try was stopped by the Warhawk Defense. The game was now in the 4th Quarter and the Warhawks began grinding out first downs and draining the game clock. But at the Bronco 22 Yardline the drive stalled. It was 4th and two with just 5 plays left in the game. If they get the first down the game is over. The Warhawks got what they wanted, a wide open white stick pass to their star receiver, but he just couldn’t catch the pass. So the Broncos take over at their own 22 yard line with just 4 plays left. First they hit a pass for 20 yards. Then one for 11 yards. With two plays left they still had 46 yards to go. The next play we will call “the mile high hail Mary”. A long blue stick pass completed but the Warhawk Cornerback saves the TD by making the tackle at the 3 yard line. So last play of the game with 3 yards go for the TD. Due to the kicking issues the Broncos have had they chose to go for the TD rather than try a FG. The Warhawks had no time outs and that hurt them here as substitutions had to be done quickly. In the confusion the Broncos split end was left uncovered and he pulled in the White stick pass. Broncos win 26 to 21 on the last play of the game. This is Coach Blaine’s first championship and it closes out the TVEFL’s undefeated season. I will get some videos posted later.
  6. Yes, it likely would and i. The TVEFL a QB in the pocket and under pressure cannot throw the pass away. So he would have to take the sack or go ahead and try the pass.
  7. Quote “How about disallowing long passes (longer than the red/white stick) if a defender is within the orange stick?” Actually using the Pressure rule helps achieve this limitation due to the fact that most coaches will tend to shut off the field as a blitzer gets near his QB in order to avoid a sack. This usually means the field runs for a short period and the receivers aren’t able to race downfield as far. But I could see your point in that a QB should not be able to throw from one endzone to another.. I would just limit the farthest a ball marker can be placed from QB. Too many QB’s have sacrificed tbemselves making long throws in the face of a big hit so I would not connect tbe distance limit to the fact that the QB is under pressure.
  8. All-time greats Lions hit a blue stick pass of 68 yards for a TD.
  9. Passing sticks are mot perfect but I find it the most fun and most the most strategic method available. A bullet pass is simply a pass fired harder than the average pass. simply make a stick to represent a bullet pass. A bullet pass is by necessity a shorter pass. Thus a receiver to far from WB would mot be eligible for a bullet pass. But you must face the drawback of the bullet pass also snd that is the difficulty in catching the harder thrown ball. so the shorter bullet stick allows you to squeeze a pass in to tighter coverage than the normal red stick but can the receiver hold onto it! I am not a big fan of dice deciding things but I can’t think of another way to check to see if the receiver handled the hot pass. Any ideas?
  10. It adds a lot to the game. it even gives the defense a new stat. Tracking who gets the pressure.
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