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  1. Man I have tried to tune in these old 620 boards but they are very finicky.... they are 50 years plus so I get it. I have tried the rod method, hard surface vs softer, etc. etc. They are pretty but I cant tune them in. My best running board is a smaller Sears Super Bowl late 70s board that is like new. I love the vintage figures and wonder if they with vintage bases run well on new ultimate board? Thanks D
  2. Thanks to nefgm and some other resources I think I got it down now. Pic shows from far left original 67 big man, followed by Hati era, followed by hog leg, followed by chicken leg. The hog leg cowboy figure is from a set I bought as a kid 45 years ago. Found it in my shed and now I'm collecting. And yes that is an original Washington Redskins 67 big man from a complete team! It was a great surprise!
  3. Oh it definitely was put together. The uniforms are just a little different in shade. Just looking for some tips on how to identify Haiti figures.
  4. Hey all picked up what I thought might be Haiti eagles team but not sure how to identify Haiti figures. I know that hoglegs usually have a small circle on the players butt and Hong Kong on two of the players. Of course couldn't tell from pics but players slightly different. Oh well live and learn. Was hoping the yellow based figures might be older Haiti.
  5. Yeah then you just cover them with the inserts. Weird thing is I cant find this particular stadium anywhere! Everything except that is correct for the period. Later year stadiums were different in shape and graphics. I have found a few on ebay that would work but no one wants to break up set. Even some rough sets.
  6. Thanks for the stadium info. I have the 1970 or 71 rams/ cowboys 620 that uses the punch outs. I bought the game at a flea market when I was 12 or so. I also have the insert types from mid 1970s board is long gone. I do have the original Vikings/ falcons teams. Not sure where or when they used stadium in the first pic but it is incorrect to the game.
  7. Hi all new to this but recently have brought my old game back. Its a Rams/Cowboys 620 model and I bought another one on eBay to complete mine unfortunately the stadium is the Redskins/Cowboys (could not tell from pictures). This is the one that the teams don'ts punch out. Anyways looking to trade for correct stadium or buy one if some one has an extra.
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