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  1. I know Tudor has many of these in the works... the website pictures and newsletter has been teasing them. This picture shows at least 20 alternate, color rush or vintage uniforms.
  2. To get even better results try using heated pliers. Some people use a candle or coffee cup warmer to heat pliers. I personally use a heating pad filled with rice. I pop it into the microwave for about a minute and then set my pliers on the pad. The heat helps to soften the plastic for easier squeezing but it also anneals the plastic and helps it to retain its shape and hold the tweak better. If a warmer is used I like to let the base set for just a second on the flat surface to even it all out. I can tweak an entire solitaire league in a few hours using this method. I have at least three pliers going at once.
  3. You are THE BEST customizer I have ever seen
  4. Please, please, please let us see the rest of that Vikings team.....
  5. And my wife pointed out that I could clean the oven at the same time... (Sad Trombone Sound)
  6. What is Actual Player Weight?
  7. I usually just use a strip of paper and mark it with a pencil. As for close calls, I usually think of it as a booth review and will decide with a coin.
  8. Rick, This is so similar to a fantasy draft. Love it!
  9. There is an Ohio based league that I used to play with. We would gather for weekend tournaments. I don't know of any Dayton based leagues, but I know that there are several of us around.
  10. Got some games to report... My son consistently prevails. I think it's that I he might not be so impartial in letting the action play out. He changes and picks out his favorites the same way I did when I was a kid. He thinks about logos, colors, and which mascot would actually win in a fight. Somehow he believes that a Ram is all powerfull and would win against just about anything. Week 1 Rams 20 Titans 6 Seahawks 7 Bengals 8 Steelers 14 Ravens 17 Cowboys 2 Eagles 13 The games were a ton of fun and my son is really learning how to play. I can also see him learning some of the rules of real football along the way. Bonus!
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