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  1. When I was a kid, they sold teams by Division - AFC Central, NFC East etc. Has any thought been given to selling a package of five or six teams in their classic 1970's uniform color schemes - sort of how the classic Oilers and Buccaneers are offered separately? For example: LA Rams White Jersey, San Diego Chargers White Jersey, New England Patriots Red Jersey, Seattle Seahaws Blue Jersey, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Orange Jersey and Atlanta Falcons Red Jersey?
  2. Any tips on tweaks to help make bases run straight? I'm an electric football enthusiast, but a novice when it comes to adjusting bases. I have three or four sets of bases (the originals, the ones with rounded fronts as well as the clear "speed" bases and (for now) would just like to get them to run straight and fast as possible. As I learn more I can figure out how to make them curve etc. Any tips welcome! Thanks.
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