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  1. And the ten yard lines are such that you could turn a 100 yard field into a 50 yard field.
  2. There's a part of me that still wishes the '63 Bears had accepted the Chargers' challenge for an early Super Bowl.
  3. That Budweiser board should've been a Bud Bowl board.
  4. For those who don't use decals, what do you guys use to apply logos on to the helmets?
  5. I used to be a huge Charger fan before the team moved away. Still love the powder blue uniforms though. BTW, do you have the same 11 guys play both sides of the ball?
  6. And this motor comes with adhesive tape to apply onto the board, correct?
  7. Will that motor work with any board that wasn't made by Tudor?
  8. Hi guys. New to the forum, but not to electric football. I have an Excalibur board, but a little ashamed of it.
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