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  1. Yes, we have a lot of teams out of stock right now. There are three main reasons for that: 1. The pandemic made tabletop games even more popular, and we had a great year last year; 2. The pandemic is making it difficult to source our materials for our products, this is finally improving; 3. We have a big announcement coming regarding NFL and College (yes college) team sets. I cannot share the details, but it’s pretty exciting and we’re working hard to get product available so that when we announce, you’ll be able to buy it that same day. Thank you for your patience. We
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  2. Starting the final round of the regular season. First match-up; Pittsburgh at Cleveland. I found a sandwich bag of styrofoam and shredded paper with my players and remembered that I use to use it as "snow" on the field. So this being the final week of the season, lake effect winter conditions would prevail. So it's a snow covered field at Municipal Stadium. Almost makes me want to put a coat on! Additionally I'm using my old 660 board with a few rust spots on the field to simulate the less than perfect conditions. The Steelers (2-2) are coming off a 37-0 thrashing of the Cowboys. The Browns (
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  3. Yes....they were both very good in that era of pro football....lonnie warwick from the vikings is an old friend of my head football coach at the local high school i coached at for a long time....his good friends call him sam instead of lonnie....he lives about 40 miles north of me in a little town called mt hope...he used to bring a bunch of the mt hope kids to our summer fb camps each year....great guy.
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  4. That must have been confusing, having two Gene Washingtons on the field at once! 😊 Both pretty good wide outs. Nice getting both of them in the same picture!
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  5. I use a regular TTC base with the dial spun around 180 degrees.
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  6. Thank you for the great news Doug!
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